Sleeping Bags Social Enterprise

Founded by social entrepreneur Andy Marks, Sleeping Bags takes retired hotel bed linen and makes beautiful, practical bags, adorned with artworks from leading designers.

This social enterprise is responsible for reducing landfill from the hotel industry by re-engineering materials and keeping manufacturing processes to a minimum and the resulting products are re-distributed and re-sold.

Supply Chain Management

With thousands of bulky items coming into the organisation each week, we manage the logistics of the remanufacturing process for the customer to minimise fixed costs and efficiently organise the supply chain process.

Shipments arrive at our warehouses from hotels across the country and are sorted into material type and size to establish how they will be re-worked.

Batches of product are then redistributed to dying houses and garment manufacturers to be turned into stylish bags ready for re-sale. These are sorted, packaged and made-ready for distribution.

Seabourne Group provide reworking and remanufacturing for a wide range of customers as part of our supply chain services.  Contact Seabourne Group today to see how we could help your business.