Retail Imports From China

As more retailers in the UK import manufactured goods for China and the Far East to cut production costs, quality control is essential to retain brand consistency and minimise returns from customers.

As Seabourne we work closely with a number of high street retailers and consumer brands to ensure the quality of their imported products are up to the standards of the UK market. 

Quality Control For Imported Furniture

A good example of quality control processes is our ongoing work with manufactured flat-pack furniture imported from China. Working in conjunction with high street brand names and their manufacturing partners, we ensure a high quality of product with sample unit checks, including:

This quality control process allows our customers to batch-control products and ensure third party suppliers are delivering to agreed standards without investing in cumbersome in-house divisions.

Electrical Goods 

With many electrical goods being manufactured in China, we work with UK retail customers and consumer brands to ensure the quality and integrity of their products - before and after the sale.

Sample units are checked for defects to assess the manufacturing process and we also work with direct consumer returns to record the reasons for returns.

During the returns process we report back with a complete tear down analysis on failures to the customer and the R&D units at the manufacturers in China. This helps them to refine product design and manufacturing processes to reduce future issues.

This outsourced approach allows our customers to remain in control of the manufacturing process, without the internal resource of managing the process.

Seabourne Group provide supply chain support for retailers and brands across Europe and work with you to ensure high levels of quality control when working with overseas suppliers.  Contact Seabourne Group today to see how we could help your business.