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23-03-2020Corona Update!

The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners are paramount, which is why we at Seabourne Group closely monitor developments around the Corona virus.

We follow the general guidelines and instructions of the government and other authorities. Although the chance of bacteria and viruses being transmitted is minimal through our packages, scanners or tablets, we can understand the increasing concerns among our recipients. Of course we want to ensure that the packages are delivered correctly. The movement of goods is still open and without any restrictions. Seabourne and his partners operates therefore still as business as usual. Please be advised that we hear more and more that crossing borders will be a challenge.

Consignees will not be required to personally sign the ePOD device or hard copy document, but will be required to provide their name verbally to the delivery driver whereby the driver will include this on the delivery record. Whereby a customer refuses to provide their name, the consignment will not be left with them but fall under the ‘refused goods’ process.


04-01-2019Seaborne Freight

In light of recent press coverage pertaining to Government contracts for the provision of ferry services in a “No deal Brexit scenario” and in particular to one being awarded to Seaborne Freight (UK) Limited, we wish to make it clear that this company is in no way whatsoever related to the Seabourne Group of companies and its freight division Seabourne Forwarding Limited.


26-07-2018New Seabourne Freight site in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM – Logistical services company Seabourne has recently opened a new Freight site in Rotterdam. Seabourne is not just strong on land and in the air, but also in sea cargo. From this new Rotterdam site the company can further optimise its sea transport. 

Chief Operating Officer Matthijs Slob is pleased with this new step. ‘Seabourne provides the link between transport by land, sea and air,’ he explains. ‘We feel it is important to be up close and personal. It's the only way to provide the best possible service.  From this new site we can work with our partners even more effectively and respond more quickly to their needs. We expect demand to pick up further and we must proactively respond to this  in order to be ready for the future.’

Customer needs are key
Seabourne is a well-known player in logistics. ‘Our company has been around for over 50 years now. We have grown into an internationally operating organisation that focuses on providing a full-service solution to our customers. We research our customer's business thoroughly. Our aim is to be able to answer a customer's question before it even comes up. Our new site will help us respond to our customers’ needs even better and more quickly in terms of transport, storage and management of goods. Big or small!’

Logistical puzzle
When it comes to sea transport, Seabourne has developed some specialisations. Among them are transport of live fish and delivery to cruise ships. ‘From that perspective this new site in Rotterdam was a logical step. Solving the logistical puzzle quickly, efficiently and well is more important than ever, and from this new site we can do that even better.


23-07-2018Seabourne delivers world's biggest freshwater pearl to Japanese buyer

No challenge is too big for Seabourne. That is why Go Set us a Challenge is our motto. Next to our customary courier services, Seabourne also offers specialist on-board courier service. After all, some shipments need a bit more attention. Recently a dedicated Seabourne courier ensured delivery of the world's biggest freshwater pearl to the buyer in Japan. It was the kind of shipment that required that extra bit of attention.

‘The Sleeping Lion Pearl’

‘The Sleeping Lion Pearl’, a natural ‘baroque’ shaped freshwater pearl weighing 118,65 grammes, was auctioned on 31 May 2018 by auction house Venduehuis in The Hague in the Netherlands. In order to take this precious pearl housed in its antique, specially made gilded bronze box to the buyer safely and correctly, the Seabourne courier got on the first available flight to Japan and ensured a faultless delivery to a satisfied customer. 


Because that is how Seabourne makes the difference: through its personal dedicated service! Customers always have a dedicated contact person who keeps them informed at all times, all the way from the Netherlands to Japan. Seabourne ensures comprehensive insurance from the time when the article is received up to the delivery, anywhere in the world!

Seabourne Pack-Track

And while the Seabourne courier ensures faultless delivery, the customer can check the status of the shipment at any time. With the ‘Seabourne Pack-Track’ the customer has full ‘visibility’ of his purchase from the pickup of the shipment till delivery at his front door.


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